Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use EZ-N-SMART SOLUTIONS?

Companies and individuals work on/ with EZ-N-SMART SOLUTIONS for business growth or saving

time, but mainly you should use the system if you either want to gather your daily digital marketing

activities into one place, and/ or gather your team into one place, and/ or subtract all your

subscriptions into one single subscription.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription anytime?

Yes, EZ-N-SMART SOLUTIONS is a pay-as-you-go service and you can upgrade, downgrade or

cancel at any time.

What if I signed up for 14 days free trial and didn't want to continue?

You pay nothing then. Once you sign up to EZ-N-SMART SOLUTIONS, you will get access to the full

system and it’s capabilities with no pressure to end your trial, you will have the same privileges that a

paid user has.

Are there any setup fees?

At this moment, setup fees are waived for all new accounts. Sign up for your 14 days free trial and

get instant access to your new campaign.

What's the commitment or contract term?

There’s no contract or any commitments with any of our plans.

How do you offer customer support?

Once you visit our Support Center at eznsmartsolutions/support you can submit unlimited tickets,

schedule a demo call to go through your issue at, contact us

directly by phone at (657) 571-2477, or use our chat widget to describe your issue.

Our team will contact you immediately and get your matter solved.

How many users or team members I’m able to add to my account?

We’re currently offering unlimited users and usage per account.

How many websites I can build?

You can build unlimited websites, pages, and host unlimited domains.

Please contact us directly for any additional questions

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